Workplace design strategy

MONA have the desire to create a workplace that enables and facilitates greater collaboration, creativity and overall, an improved experience for employees. This document aims to determine evidence based design principles and recommendations to inform MONA’s workplace design strategy.


Workplace digital design strategy report

This report enabled Arup to gain a clear understanding of the option and strategies that were possible for incorporating digital design into their new workplace.



Workplace change results, findings and reccomendations

These reports based on feedback and consultation from Museums Victoria, provide data, analytics and recommendations on how Museums Victoria can progress its workplace culture across the many galleries, museums and institutions under their care.


NorthLink Prospectus. 

These documents covered five markets, Health and Wellbeing, Food and Agritech, Digital Services, Freight Logistics, and Food and Beverage and were designed to encourage economic growth in Melbourne's north. NorthLink will use the prospectuses to attract possible business to Melbourne’s North, each document provides data and information that outlines the economic benefits of operating a business in Melbourne’s North.



Victoria Walks asked global consultancy firm Arup to look at the economic case for investment in walking, to help us understand why walking seems to fall through the cracks of government decision making and investment.

Their report The Economic Case for Investment in Walking outlines the benefits of walking, along with the role it plays in transport, recreation and health.  The report then analyses how transport investment frameworks apply to walking.



We designed the Vic/SA Portfolio for iPad to provide engineers, designers and consultants with a visual tool to showcase our Melbourne and Adelaide projects.

The navigation is clean and simple, allowing the user to tailor the experience to their client’s needs. The look and feel is visual using a mix of photography, high impact renders and visualisations to engage and illustrate the story behind the projects. The portfolio showcases our diversity of projects and markets, whilst highlighting our multidisciplinary, total design approach.