The Living Arup brand identity was created for all communications, updates, news and stories related to Arup's move and their new workplace.

The brand identity encapsulates Arup’s goals for their new workplace, based on input from all stakeholders. It encapsulates what is important to the employees, how they will behave in the space, builds upon the regional workplace guidelines, and ties in with its unique location. The project included brand identity, web design and photography to complete.


Queen Victoria Market precinct plans are intended to provide a visualisation of the operational practices proposed to be in place during the transitional market layout phase of the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal.

These were developed through a workshop process with Queen Victoria Market, and relevant to information available at the time, and look at known and unconfirmed operations. 

Through workshops with the QVM Arup devised a number of various opportunities and outcomes for the new precinct renewal. The interactive report was designed to illustrate the differences between existing and future plans and also the confirmed and possible outcomes for the new plan.


Workplace design strategy report, presentation and workshop collateral.

MONA have the desire to create a workplace that enables and facilitates
greater collaboration, creativity and overall, an improved experience for employees. This document aims to determine evidence based design principles
and recommendations to inform MONA’s workplace design strategy.



Melbourne Acoustics, AV & Theatre celebrated 20 Years in the Arup Melbourne office with a significant event.

We created the event identity and supporting material, including logo, invitations, display boards, wayfinding, videos, and client take-aways.